Autasi e fuata’i se moemoe fou  

Gather together to inspire new beginnings

The Pacific Business Awards Gala Dinner was held on 11 November 2022 at the Due Drop Events Centre in Auckland.

In 2022 three new categories were introduced to the PBT Awards, making ten award categories in total. The new categories recognised Excellence in Construction and Trades, Leadership in the Pacific Community and Pacific Creative Enterprise.

Award categories

Tautua Alofa Pasifika Award for Pacific Social Enterprise

Awarded to Pacific organisations that are led by an economic, social, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a community benefit, such as reinvesting profits back into the community. Tautua alofa is Samoan and conveys the idea of serving the Pacific community from a place of love by giving back to the community.

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Winner: Filipo Saua – Zenith Fitness and Snapback Gym

Fetu’u Fo’ou Award for Young Pacific Entrepreneur

Awarded to Pacific young people between the ages of 18 to 24 who successfully runs their own business. Fetu’u fo’ou is Tongan for new star. 

Sponsored by
Winner: Alexia Hilbertidou, GirlBoss NZ

Mataka Vou Award for Pacific
Business Enterprise 

Awarded to a business that demonstrated innovation, strategic thinking and a track record of sustainable growth. Mataka vou is Fijian, meaning ‘new dawn’. 

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Winner: Eli Tagi, WE MANA

Kanumea Afine Loto Toa Award Pacific Woman in Business  

Awarded to a successful Pacific women who own their own business. Kanumea afine loto toa is Niuean conveying the idea of courageous leader. Kanumea is the one of the tallest and hardiest trees in the forest, great leaders are referred to the biggest trees in the forest and afine loto toa means courage.

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Winner: Nora Swann, Nora Swann Ltd

Galu Fou Award for Pacific Innovation

Awarded to a business that has delivered a positive outcome, whether it is tangible value, creation of a new market, digital technology solution or competitive advantage. Galu fou conveys the Tokelauan idea of 'new wave'. 

Sponsored by
Winner: Dain Guttenbeil, LifeStone Ltd

Langa Fonua Award for Pacific Excellence in Construction and Trades

Awarded to an emerging Pacific business in the construction and trades sector that has achieved excellence as a practitioner and employer. Langa fonua is Tongan and means to build the land or community together. 

Sponsored by
Winner: Rau Tangiiti, Independent Traffic Control

Tū Rangatira Kama’atu Award for Pacific Business Entrepreneur

Awarded to Pacific entrepreneurs who own their pītiniti. As a leader with an inspiring vision, their successful business drives performance, a positive culture and creates a better world for their customers, employees, and stakeholders. Tū Rangatira Kama’atu conveys in the Cook Islands a highly respected person who has exceptional skills, talent, and is wise in the way they conduct themselves and the way they behave.

Sponsored by
Winner: Orion Tiatia, Trust & Loyalty Security

Arataki Award for Leadership in the Pacific Community

Recognises a business or organisation that has been an inspiring leader in the utilising their business to assist those in the Pacific community particularly during the challenging times of COVID. Arataki in Cook Island means leader or to guide. 

Sponsored by
Winner: Debbie Sorensen, Pasifika Medical Association

Pacific Legacy Award

Conveying person held in high esteem amongst Pacific people, a lasting impact, a legend. Acknowledges and honours Pacific business leaders and Pacific businesses that have consistently been successful in their business. 

Sponsored by
Winner: Mr Fiso John Fiso ONZM, The Fiso Investment Group Ltd

Moana Creative Enterprise award

Awarded to a Pacific creative artist and art practitioner for entity’s contribution to the creative arts and culture in Aotearoa New Zealand. This award recognises creative achievement that aligns with Creative New Zealand's Pacific Arts Strategy 2018 - 2023: Tagata - Leadership, Vaka - Capacity/Skills development, Va – Relationships in Pacific arts, Moana – Meaningful relationships across Aotearoa and globally. Pacific artists and art practitioners includes performing arts, visual arts, digital arts, musicians, dance, theatre, craft/objects, community arts, festivals, design.

Sponsored by
Winner: Neil Ieremia ONZM, Black Grace